Our Philosophy

At Scholar Co., our goal is to help students become lifelong learners. We believe in the value, power, and utility of education; we know that the agents, tools, and processes of learning can open the doors to a lifetime of opportunity. 

Two tenets are central to Scholar's approach, that of promoting education for the sake of learning and the importance of teaching fundamental academic tools -- analytical thinking, written expression, quantitative reasoning, and organizational capability -- to every student. 

We hope to provide each student with tools and knowledge that will outlast the scope of the next standardized test or admissions letter.

Our Approach 

Our instructors provide students with the support and guidance necessary to help them successfully navigate every aspect of the admissions process -- test prep, college selection, application preparation, & planning. 

Because of our commitment to learning, we also guarantee that, in addition to his/her specific coursework, each student develops crucial skills that will equip him/her to face future obstacles. 

To accomplish these goals, we educate by using a comprehensive curriculum. In addition to teaching a wide variety of subject materials, instructors supplement all specific academic skills with certain fundamental tools -- analytical, investigative, reasoning, & writing capability.